Be Conscious, Be Kind - Nationwide

Short Friendly Reminders With Attitude!

All the lessons we learned as children: to say thank you, to be considerate of others, to apologize when we’ve done something wrong. These things require consciousness, the awareness of your environment and the people around you.

These simple behaviors seem to have become increasingly rare. Why? Could it be that we’ve become so focused on our own world that we’re no longer aware of what’s happening around us? Be Conscious. Be Kind.™ grew out of this and other questions I’ve asked myself over the years.

We are a small company with a mission: to remind people to be more conscious of the world around them and, in the process, become kinder.

We all know that kindness comes in many forms and that the smallest of things really do matter. This quote says it so well: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. (Aesop)

Please join us in our efforts to create a kinder and more conscious world.

Thanks for being here and ENJOY!